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K4 Racing


The ability to turn the cranks and propel a simple machine forward represents empowerment. Riding a bicycle can get us from point A to point B. It can keep us healthy and fit. It can connect us with other people through the shared thrill of a wicked descent that follows a lung-busting climb. In some ways, the bicycle is a metaphor for life, reminding us that balance is precarious, whether we are in the saddle atop two skinny wheels, or juggling careers, family, and the expectations of those around us. Racing bicycles brings all these elements to a new level–the thrills are more thrilling, the exertion is more exhausting, and the life balance is that much more precarious as we seek new levels of “extreme.” But in the end, the lure of those challenges is what keeps us going. We pour our physical and emotional selves into our sport, and the return is a pure contentment that weaves its way into everything else that we do.

K4 Racing


Your output has everything to do with your input. Inspiration from our teammates and fans, the pure desire of being better than the day before and Mother’s Natures greatest creations are all fuel to power us to new heights. To put the most power to the ground we need to fuel our bodies with the best there is. To extract Nature’s fuel we need the most powerful blender on the market. Blendtec blenders allow us to create meals and essential recovery smoothies to keep the gas in the tank to power us along our journey. #PoweredByBlendtec


K4 Racing


It’s no secret that shared experiences are what make life meaningful. And the more intense the experiences are, the more meaningful they become. The intensity of racing bicycles brings out different elements in each unique personality that accepts the challenge. Some of us become neurotic and anxious during the hours leading up to a big event. Some of us channel our anger toward life’s frustrations through the pedals in a series of attacks. Some of us cross finish lines and burst into tears, having spent every last kilojoule in the name of victory. But all of us become our most true selves as a result of cycling. We grow together and learn to accommodate each others’ needs by sharing living quarters when traveling. We hold each other up and extinguish fires when volatile emotions are unleashed. We are all different, but we bring our best qualities when we come together as a team. That intangible moment of cohesion occurs when we roll out with a common purpose, and the strength of that feeling is what keeps us coming back for more.


K4 Racing

About Us

DNA Cycling p/b K4 is a US Domestic Elite women’s team composed of the some of the top cyclists in the intermountain region. Our team brings together a unique blend of age, experience and natural talent into a close-knit team environment. We strive for success on-the-bike in competitive events worldwide, as well as off-the-bike as advocates of women’s cycling. DNA Cycling p/b K4 is owned and operated by K4 Racing, LLC.

Ground Crew

DNA CYCLING presented by K4 is owned and managed by K4 Racing, LLC.
Title Sponsor: DNA Cycling
Team Captain: Kemille Garvin
General Manager: Alex Kim
K4Racing Partner: Paxton Guymon
Directeurs Sportifs: Dave Harward and Tina Pic
Team Doctor: Wayne Hansen, D.C.
Support Staff: Shane Dunleavey, John Karren, and Ben Towery
Mechanical Support: Tyson Greenman, Wasatch Bike Support
Digital Marketing Partner: Jennifer Gyllenskog and Alex Thomas, Attract Interact
Photography: Catherine Fegan-Kim, Cotton Sox Photography


Amy Thornquist



Anne Perry

"Doctor Hammer"


Breanne Nalder



Cathy Fegan-Kim

"Cotton Sox"


Chantel Olsen



Heather Fischer



Kelsey Withrow



Kemille King



Keri Gibson



Lauren De Crescenzo

"Wolfpack Bambina"


Megan Cloward



Megan Hill



Mikayla Lyman



Sarah Barber



Tina Pic


"Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become"

- Reinhold Niebuhr

Our Sponsors

We Couldn't Do It Without Them

Custom Cycling Apparel

DNA Cycling

DNA Cycling’s product is produced at the epicenter of rich cycling tradition. With a strict line for fashion and unmistakable quality, DNA Cycling proudly produces its lycra line in Italy. DNA Cycling’s craftsman hand creates each garment following standards that are only defined by decades of experience both behind the seams and on the saddle.

Only a select few are qualified to build your product. DNA does not believe in mass production or mass assembly. Each handcrafted garment is processed, cut, decorated, sewn, assembled and inspected by DNA’s dedicated staff with decades of experience. DNA Cycling’s body mapping approach outlines the importance of fusing fabrics with cut and sew techniques.

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Endurance Coaching

Plan 7

Mercury Wheels

From stage victories to local training races, Mercury is the only choice when it comes to high performance wheels. Our sponsored athletes provide us with on-road results and the feedback that makes your wheels the best available.

Visit Mercury Cycling


Wasatch Bike Support

Wasatch Bike Support is a service-oriented bike shop specializing in the repair and maintenance of road and mountain bikes. Besides friendly service and fast turnaround times of 48 hours or better on most repairs, we also offer a limited selection of parts and accessories.

Our Millcreek location inside of the Blue Star Coffee and Juice Bar sports a relaxed (and dog friendly) atmosphere. Whether you need a repair before your next race, a tune-up to your commuter, or just want to catch up on the latest rumors surrounding the release of Campagnolo’s next gruppo, we hope you’ll stop by and see us.

Visit Wasatch Bike Support




More info to come.

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Elevate Your Performance

Rudy Project

For 25 years our mission has been simple – research, develop, apply and promote technical innovations to create comfortable, practical, stylish and cutting-edge product that meets the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

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Solutions Clinic

More info to come.

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OSMO Nutrition

The science behind Osmo is deep. Dr. Stacy Sims MSc, PhD, our chief research officer, is a pioneering nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist. She has spent years in the lab and field developing the perfect hydration and recovery formulas. Osmo’s complete exercise drink system is by far the most advanced and effective for athletes yet developed and is available in formulas optimized for female and male physiology.

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Feed Your Passion


The World is full of people with passion. Whether it is cycling, running, cooking or just enjoying life, proper nutrition can help Feed Your Passion. Blendtec has a passion for building blenders to feed the world. Blendtec combined the world’s largest motors with an industry leading 8 year warranty to give you the power and confidence to take on the toughest blends. Made and designed in America, Blendtec’s engineers have created an amazing tamper free, easy to clean jar, a full metal drivetrain to harness every kilojoule of energy and a super tough but blunt blade to instantly liquefy your favorite ingredients. Blendtec is proud to provide their blenders for the DNA Cycling K4 Racing Team so they have the best tool for creating amazing smoothies, nut butters, soups and even milkshakes and margaritas.

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Attract Interact Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Studios

Attract Interact

Attract Interact offers digital strategy, production and promotion with an emphasis in accessibility, usability and conversion metrics. We help organizations develop the digital face of their brand, messaging that motivates action and tools to monitor, adjust and put you in control.

Like our friends at K4 Racing, we’re built for speed and we play to win. Our edge is our quest for insight and our ability to react fast using the latest tech toys. Try our new FAST TRACK program – follow our process and timeline and we can develop and produce your new digital strategy in eight weeks.

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Cotton Sox

More info to come.

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Giant Bicycles

More info to come.

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Vittoria Tires

More info to come.

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Tour de Park City

More info to come.

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Markosian Auto

More info to come.

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Life Flight Network


More Supporters

Livingston Davis PC
Robert and Paula Paulson
Michael Day
John Lodman
John and Melanie Karren
Ray and Eileen Hoobing
Beard Construction
Miller Guymon, PC

Good question! RT @DocsSkincare: Team #5 signed, sealed, and delivered. Who will join @JellyBellyTeam and @DNA_K4?

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