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K4 Racing is composed of dedicated women bike racers who strive for success on and off the bike. K4 Racing fields three squads which compete in a myriad of bike racing categories from UCI to NCC/NRC to local racing. The 2015 squads are: DNA Cycling p/b K4, a USAC Domestic Elite squad; DNA Cycling 801, an Elite Cat 1-2 team racing in the intermountain region; and, DNA Cycling Masters, a top level women’s masters team.


The ability to turn the cranks and propel a simple machine forward represents empowerment. Riding a bicycle can get us from point A to point B. It can keep us healthy and fit. It can connect us with other people through the shared thrill of a wicked descent that follows a lung-busting climb. In some ways, the bicycle is a metaphor for life, reminding us that balance is precarious, whether we are in the saddle atop two skinny wheels, or juggling careers, family, and the expectations of those around us. Racing bicycles brings all these elements to a new level–the thrills are more thrilling, the exertion is more exhausting, and the life balance is that much more precarious as we seek new levels of “extreme.” But in the end, the lure of those challenges is what keeps us going. We pour our physical and emotional selves into our sport, and the return is a pure contentment that weaves its way into everything else that we do.


Your output has everything to do with your input. Inspiration from our teammates and fans, the pure desire of being better than the day before and Mother’s Natures greatest creations are all fuel to power us to new heights. To put the most power to the ground we need to fuel our bodies with the best there is. To extract Nature’s fuel we need the most powerful blender on the market. Blendtec blenders allow us to create meals and essential recovery smoothies to keep the gas in the tank to power us along our journey.


It’s no secret that shared experiences are what make life meaningful. And the more intense the experiences are, the more meaningful they become. The intensity of racing bicycles brings out different elements in each unique personality that accepts the challenge. Some of us become neurotic and anxious during the hours leading up to a big event. Some of us channel our anger toward life’s frustrations through the pedals in a series of attacks. Some of us cross finish lines and burst into tears, having spent every last kilojoule in the name of victory. But all of us become our most true selves as a result of cycling. We grow together and learn to accommodate each others’ needs by sharing living quarters when traveling. We hold each other up and extinguish fires when volatile emotions are unleashed. We are all different, but we bring our best qualities when we come together as a team. That intangible moment of cohesion occurs when we roll out with a common purpose, and the strength of that feeling is what keeps us coming back for more.

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2015 Roster

Introducing the 2015 team. View the whole roster.

    Canadian National team rider, loves Coke Zero (On a Tuesday). When Joanie isn’t putting #watts down and making you cry for your mother, she can be found piloting UCI Para athlete Robbi Weldon for Canada.
    Lauren is like her car- the 2004 Hyundai Accent; a rugged beauty full of garbage. Well known for bringing back the fanny pack and for riding at 160 watts with nothing but Drake. Founding member of zombie club. Team bio author. All around cyclist, all around person.
    Professional sports photographer and team co-founder. Likes: Snoopy, The British Talents: speaking Japanese, drinking wine, self-deprecating humour, fast-twitch muscles, and drinking wine.
    She may seem quiet, but she will destroy you - those angry eyes, tho. D1 Collegiate National Champion, avid kindle reader, mini-horse admirer, daily chocolate consumer, woofpack’s bestfriend, European cobble smasher.
    Team co-founder & Captain (aka Team Mom). Keminator is known to be a diesel on the bike. As a former flight attendant she is always taking care of her team with bandaids, ibuprofen, sewing kits tucked away in her magic bag, and a constant awareness of where all exits are including those that may be located behind us.
    Creator of Yummus(™) & dietician extraordinaire who crushes souls and destroys dreams on the epic climbing stages. Will race with broken arm.
    Anne is a practicing M.D. who has won multiple Masters National Road Race Championships as well as the 2013 UCI Masters World Road Race Championship. That being said, she is not able to pee in a bottle in a tent in a snowstorm at 17,700ft.
    Un po pazza ma molto veloce e brava! Badass sprinter, badass lawyer. She’s an Italian stallion. La madre di D-MAN. Parla Italiano e fare la avvocata nella vita reale.
    Current Canadian U23 National Road Champion and chef in the making. Not only can she sustain mega power for hours she can rock some mean moves in her Hammer Pants, Eh. Oh Canada.

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